Using the Zoom Search Engine with NetObjects Fusion

Part 6 - Updating After You Make Changes

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Reindexing your website after you make changes to your content

Eventually you may want to make changes to the content of your website.  After you make the changes and are ready to publish them to the Internet, you need to update your Zoom files so that your search engine will be accurate.

As mentioned before - after you make changes to your website content - you must use Zoom to reindex and then upload the new data files.  The good news is that updating the website is simple now that you have taken the time to follow this tutorial.


To reindex the site, just follow these steps:

  • Use NOF to PUBLISH LOCAL for the website you want to index.  This will make sure that your search result template page is where the Zoom index program can find it.  If you are building your Zoom indices from the Local Publish, it will also make sure that the most recent data is indexed.
  • Start the Zoom Index program using the configuration file for the website that you want to index.

The best way to launch the Zoom indexing program with the correct settings is by double clicking on the Zoom configuration file in our NOF project folder.

In our example, this file was:

C:\NetObjects Fusion 7.5\User Sites\LANSRAD\LANSRAD.zcfg

Starting Zoom using our custom configuration file

Double-click the zcfg file ( in our example LANSRAD.zcfg ) in the NOF project folder to start the Zoom index program with the configuration for the right website.

  • If you are indexing Offline, select the Offline Mode tab and click the “Start Indexing” button.
  • When the indexing is complete, follow the publishing sequence as outlined in Part 5 of this tutorial



We hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and that it is useful to you.  Please note that this is a free tutorial and that we do not provide direct support for the Zoom Search Engine.  If you have problems or questions be sure to direct them to WrenSoft Technical Support according to their terms of service.

Thanks - Team LANSRAD


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