Using the Zoom Search Engine with NetObjects Fusion

Part 4 - Indexing your website for the first time

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Using Zoom to index our website from the local publish

Now that we have completed our setup and have saved our configuration, we are ready to let Zoom do its work. 

Hint:  Before you start this process you should have completed parts 1 through 3 of this tutorial.  You also need to have published your website in the LOCAL mode (note that this is NOT the same thing as doing a “Preview” of the website).


To start the indexing simply click the Offline Mode tab to tell Zoom to index from local data and then click the “Start Indexing” button.

Zoom will use the content generated in the local publish and the Zoom spider will crawl the site and gather the information needed to create the indices.  Then it will build the output files.  When it has finished you will see this screen:
The Zoom search indexing results

You will notice from this screen shot that Zoom placed the files that it generated into the Zoom folder under our NOF project folder for this website.

Since most developers maintain more than one site this type of setup keeps your files organized according to the website where they belong.


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