Using the Zoom Search Engine with NetObjects Fusion

...a Free Tutorial by Team LANSRAD  

Tutorial Version 2.3

A guide to using the Zoom Search Engine to add lightning
fast search capability to your NetObjects Fusion website.

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About the Zoom Search Engine

The Zoom Search Engine by WrenSoft is the easiest and most straight forward way to add a powerful custom search engine to your NetObjects Fusion website.

It provides fast and powerful full-text searching by indexing your website in advance.  While other solutions require complicated server-side software to do this, Zoom does it all from the convenience of your own Windows computer. 

Then your web pages simply use the indexed material for fast searches.

Tutorial Fast Access Guide

  1. How the Zoom Engine works with NOF
  2. Preparing NOF to work with Zoom
  3. Configuring Zoom to work with NOF
  4. Indexing your website for the first time
  5. Publishing your files to the Internet
  6. Updating after you make changes

See the Zoom Search Engine at work...

If you would like to see the Zoom Search Engine in action, you can try it on this website using the search form on the left.  For a better example (more content), click here to visit the Support section of our FotoKiss website. Then enter a search term such as gallery photo.


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