Using the Zoom Search Engine with NetObjects Fusion

Part 5 - Publishing Your Files to the Internet

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Publishing the files created by Zoom to our website

Now that we have built our NOF pages, published locally and generated our Zoom pages, it is time to upload everything to the Internet.

1. Publish your website in NOF

Use whatever normal means you usually use (either the built-in NOF FTP client or your own FTP program to publish your website to the Internet.

Hint: If you are using the built-in NOF FTP client, we have found that your success ratio will be higher if you use a web browser to start traffic to the Internet BEFORE you click the final publish button in NOF. Since many people have “on demand” Internet connections or firewalls, we see that sometimes the NOF FTP client seems to “get lost” if the connection is not ready for traffic. Starting a web browser, then clicking the publish button seems to work in most cases.


2. Publish the files created by Zoom

After your website has been published to the Internet, start your FTP program and transfer ALL the files in the Zoom folder under your NOF project folder to the /html directory of your website.

Hint: In our example we are publishing using the NOF Structure mode, so this is where our Zoom files need to go. If you are using a different publish method you may have to adapt this tutorial.

Hint: Be sure to use the Binary mode of your FTP program or you will get errors when you try to use the Zoom Search Engine.



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