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A comparison of TipLink compatible tooltip controllers

Minimum version requirements

Special Credits to other template developers for their commitment to TipLink

A comparison of TipLink compatible tooltip controllers


Minimum Version Requirements

  • PowerToolbar synchronization requires template version 1.0 Beta 5 (or better) from PowerOffice
  • OutlookBar synchronization requires template version 1.3 Beta 6 (or better) from PowerOffice
  • CoolTips synchronization requires template version 9-11-2005 (or better) from Keystone Computer Resources
  • xToolTip synchronization requires template version 1.9.1 (or better) from SealSoft Company


Special Credits

 A VERY special thanks goes out to everyone who has helped bring this template to market.

This includes (in the order of involvement):

Click here to visit the PowerOffice website



Click here to visit the SealSoft Company website

SealSoft Company


Click here to visit the Keystone Computer Resources website

Keystone Computer Resources

CoolTips by Keystone Computer Resources


Click here to visit the CapeSoft website


Each of these tool makers has given freely of their time on this project because they are good people and they realized the benefits that this template could bring to their own customers.

They have assisted in this template programming effort and also modified their own templates as needed to allow for better integration and smooth controls.

I would HIGHLY recommend any of these companies and the tools that they produce.

Thanks again to each of you for your assistance.



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