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TipLink - Clarion ToolTip Manager and Synchronization Template

If you are a successful software developer, Tooltips are a way of life.  No matter what personal opinion you may have of them, they are something that your customers expect to see in your programs. 


TipLink - only $24.95 USD Satisfaction Guaranteed - 30 day refund offer

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Click here to download an interactive TipLink demo
Built with all the PowerOffice controllers (even the new PowerToolbar). Includes TipLink help in CHM format - 3315K

Click here to see a Tooltip controller compatibility chart
and a list of  vendors who receive special thanks for their commitment to TipLink

Click here to view the TipLink help online
( New - now includes full documentation on the TipLink Reporter! )

   Latest Version: 3.59 (released 10-23-2005)


    See detailed requirements below

Now included with the TipLink Tool Suite...

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Click here for information on TipLink

TipLink TipSynch is a template set that will coordinate all tooltip controllers in your application. It gives your users a consistent look and feel as well as runtime control of tooltips. Click here for details...

TipLink now includes the TipLink Reporter!

TipLink Reporter is a comprehensive reporting tool that will analyze your Clarion application and help you find all missing tooltips or easily extract tooltip information.  Click here for details...

The TipLink Navigator and Editor for CapeSoft Ezhelp users

TipLink has a new component called the TipLink Navigator for Ezhelp ( from CapeSoft ) users. 

Now you can import your Ezhelp data file and instantly compare it with the exported data from your application.  This makes it possible to quickly identify any missing tips in the Ezhelp system. 

The TipLink Navigator can also create the Ezhelp file for you or even synchronize new data from your application into an existing Ezhelp file without overwriting changes you may have made in the Ezhelp editor.

Ezhelp users will be thrilled to know that the TipLink Navigator makes it possible for you to edit your Ezhelp content directly from within TipLink.  This is a tremendous time saver and makes it easy for you to be sure that your Ezhelp data is up to date.

Click here for details on the TipLink Navigator

The bottom line is ...

If you use tooltips in your Clarion program development, you will love TipLink Tools!

TipLink Tool Suite will save you time, money and a lot of frustration.    

On the cutting edge?

If you use advanced interface templates to breathe new life into your Clarion programs or are just looking to provide the consistent look and feel that users expect from modern software - you need TipLink!


Still working in C5 or C55???

We realize that many developers still have old applications in C55 or even C5. Also there are some developers who have not yet made the transition to Clarion 6.xx. 

For this reason we have made every reasonable effort to make products backwards compatible.  However some parts of the suite (such as the Tooltip Synchronization Template) make use of thread-safe features in C6 and may not be available in earlier versions.

Got DLL's?

The TipLink Tool Suite works fine with both Single EXE and Multi-DLL programs.



To make it possible for you to get the most out of the TipLink Tool Suite, we split things up as much as possible and our installer supports C5, C55 and C6.

  • The TipLink synchronization template requires Clarion Version 6.xx to provide thread safe communications.
  • The Utility Template ships as a standalone template that is compatible with C5, C55 and C6xx. 
  • The TipLink Reporter analysis program is not dependent on any Clarion version.
  • All TipLink Tools work with both Single EXE and Multi-DLL applications
  • There are no blackbox DLL's, but the TipLink analysis tool is a standalone EXE (source not provided)
  • Everything is well documented


Pricing and Updates

The TipLink Tools Suite sells for $24.95 USD and comes with free updates for a minimum of one year.


"Remember - The TipLink Tool Suite consists of TipLink TipSynch, TipLink Reporter, and TipLink Navigator & Editor ( for Ezhelp) - all included for one low price!"


Buy the TipLink Tool Suite today!

LANSRAD wants you to be completely satisfied and offers a 30 day "No questions asked" money back guarantee.  You can buy now with confidence.


TipLink - only $24.95 USD Satisfaction Guaranteed - 30 day refund offer



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